Quick Answers to Common Questions

Please take a look at our FAQ’s posted below and if you do not find an answer or need further assistance user our Contact Us Form or call us at 703-574-3414. Thank you!

Residential FAQ's

Residential collection occurs between 7:00am and 9:00pm on your scheduled day, we suggest setting it out the night prior unless you’re an early riser! Given that our routes change, your collection time can vary week to week, so be sure to leave your bin outside until it has been swapped – we do not have the ability (yet) to provide an exact eta of our truck to your house.

All customers are strongly encouraged to sign up for auto pay. You can easily view and pay your bill in your customer portal We do also accept personal checks.

It’s rare since we swap and inspect each pail every week, but if yours does happen to be broken, simply email/call/message us and a member of our support team will get it replaced promptly!

We strive for perfection, however if your pickup is missed, our team will make every effort to return that same day to collect. Alert our support team either through the customer portal or via call/text/email.

Absolutely, we love diverting even more food waste. Right now, an individual household can request up to 2 of the 5-gallon collection pails through our online signup; if you need more than that, just give us a call or send us an email.

During your sign up process, you will receive your assigned service day of the week. Your collection bin and any other items like a caddy or sign will be delivered on your first service day following sign up. The first swap occurs on the subsequent service days.

While we never want to see you leave, if you do need to stop service, just use the online cancel service request and we will be happy to cancel service for you and issue a refund.

You can update your contact information through our customer portal or by call/email/text with our support team.

Please have your pails curbside, like right around where you set out your garbage/recycling cans although given their small size we recommend not leaving them directly on the roadway (grass is totally fine). If you signed up for valet service, we will service your pail at the predetermined location.

We compost year-round and collection is suspended on the following days to allow our team to be with their friends and family. If your collection falls on one of these days, you will be picked up the next business day.

Of course, within your customer portal you can elect to be skipped certain weeks. There is a small bill credit offered if you opt to skip on a given week.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of food waste collection options for special events, including additional 5-gallon pails, separation and collection stations, along with large 35-gallon food waste bins. We love working on special events, so please send us a message or give us a call and we would be happy to help!


Commercial/HOA FAQ's

We offer compost collection services to apartment buildings, condo complexes, home owner associations, offices, retail establishments, restaurants, diners, sporting venues, and more!

For our commercial customers, we have 35-gallon wheeled toters along with our 5-gallon pails. Just like our residential customers, we swap the wheeled toters on every collection – including a fresh liner.

Our commercial customers have custom collection schedules ranging from daily, bi-daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. It all depends on the amount of food scraps generated and we can adjust your collection schedule accordingly to accommodate.

Billing is done through your customer portal using a credit card for ease of accounting.

It’s easy, just give us a call or send us an email and we will adjust accordingly.

For one-time extra pickups, call/text/email the office and we would be happy to schedule the additional collection for you.

We don’t require long term contracts, so you can cancel at any time by calling or emailing the office.

Special Events FAQ's

Absolutely! We can provide everything for separation and collection stations, food waste receptacles, large 35-gallon wheeled toters, and all the liners you will need. Our team will drop off and setup the collection areas – including signage. At the conclusion of your event, we will clean up everything we brought and haul off your food waste. Depending on the size of the event, we may remain on site to monitor the receptacles and replace them as they fill up.

We regularly work with various events, if your event generates food waste – we will work with you! Our most common include sporting events like 5K’s, marathons, and other sport tournaments, private parties, weddings, corporate celebrations – to name a few.

With enough notice, we can provide service for your special event 365 days out of the year – inclusive of holidays. Please know that the holiday season can be our busiest time of the year, so book your event early.

Given the variety of factors that can impact food scrap generation at a special event, please contact our office via call/email and we will get you a quote asap!

Please click here to view our list of acceptable and unacceptable materials.

It depends on the length and size of your event. Depending on your needs we can arrive the day prior or the day of your event at a predetermined time to setup. Following the conclusion of your event, depending on the time of day, we can return that same day or the following day to breakdown our equipment.

As much time as possible to ensure we can accommodate your event.

At this time, we are unable to process the packaging and utensils properly so they must be disposed of with the regular trash.

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