Commercial & Residential Glass Collection

Simplified Sustainability.

Residential - Glass Add-On

If you’re too busy to visit one of Fairfax County’s purple bins or don’t want the hassle of collecting and transporting all that glass, we can help!

We provide glass collection to residential subscribers as an add-on to your composting subscription. Simply leave out the Monster Organics provided glass bin on your regularly scheduled compost collection days, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

In addition to the Monster Organics glass bin, you can use as many boxes or bags to hold other glass that doesn’t fit in our bin. It’s unlimited – for only $9.99 per billing cycle!


Offered as a standalone service or add-on to our composting operations, we partner with businesses of all sizes to keep the most recyclable material in existence out of the landfill. 

Many garbage companies have shied away from collecting glass due to the challenges in it’s handling and equipment damage it can cause. Whether you need to comply regulation or minimize your waste tonnage, Monster Organics will be your partner in simplified sustainability.

Who we partner with:

  • Restaurants, Breweries, Distilleries, Bars
  • Concert or Event Venues
  • Multifamily | Apartments | HOA’s
  • Special Events & More!
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