Commercial Food Scrap Collection

Serving All of Northern, VA, Washington, DC & Montgomery County, MD.

Who We Serve

Corporate: Offices & Campuses

Environmentally conscious businesses prioritize sustainability goals, including recycling food scraps as a tangible way to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve zero-waste goals. Composting programs may help achieve LEED points.

Multifamily: Apartments & Condos

Implementing a compost program in your building fosters community engagement, tenant satisfaction, and environmental responsibility, aligning with sustainability goals and helping achieve LEED status.

Education: Daycares, Schools, Universities

Students can begin implementing sustainable lifestyle choices by diverting uneaten food scraps from classrooms, cafeterias, and dorms. Reduce the need for frequent garbage collection and provide an additional educational component.

Food Service: Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops

Approximately 85% of unused food in restaurants is wasted while 72% of diners care about how their food waste is handled. For every $1 invested in food waste reduction, an approximate $8 in cost saving can be realized.

Manufacturing: Distilleries & Breweries

Having a partner to manage both the grains and liquids generated by your operation can save time and money; eliminate the headache of juggling a farmers schedule and butting heads with the water authority.


Chains: Local & National

Working with one contractor to manage your food waste audits and diversion programs can save chain establishments time and money. 47% of diners are willing to spend more at venues with active food waste management programs.

How to Get Started Composting:

  1. Determine how many 35 or 64 gallon wheeled carts you need – each 35 gallon cart diverts approximately 400 lbs per month and each 64 gallon cart diverts approx. 800 lbs per month.
  2. Using our online sign up tool, enter you and your company’s information. Select the appropriate size and number or bins needed. 
  3. Our commercial services team will call you directly to confirm the details and schedule delivery of your carts, signs, and liners.
Of course, you can call, email, or message us at any time if you have questions about setting up your program or would like help determining your best options!

The Process

Sign-Up Online
For Service

We Drop Off
Your Organic Toter

You Fill The Toter
Each Week

We Clean the Toter Each Week

How It Works

Sign-Up Online For Service

We Drop Off Your Organics Toter

You Fill The Toter Each Week

We Clean the Toter Each Week

What Makes Us Different?

Our Bin Cleaning Program!

At Monster Organics, we believe that having a clean food waste bin is the essential to making proper food waste disposal easy. Other companies require you to clean out your dirty bin after each collection. With Monster Organics, there’s no need to worry about cleaning your old bin every week– we handle everything for you.
Each week on your collection day, our team will empty, clean, and sanitize your bins with our on board washing system. The greatly reduces foul odors coming from your food waste bin and makes it more enjoyable to dispose of food waste without any extra work on your part. It’s like your first week of service, every week!