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Jay Walton founder and ceo of monster organics smiles at the camera

Jay Walton

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Jay was only nine when he told his Dad he wanted to mow lawns. His Dad said fine, but he had to prove he was committed. So Jay took out a loan and bought a push reel lawn mower, and Jay’s Mowing Service was born. He toiled away for nearly two years with his push mower, spending his entire weekend mowing his own yard. In 2011, he achieved his goal and purchased his first “real” equipment. As his company grew and expanded, our focus shifted from mowing to comprehensive property maintenance, which led to the founding of JMS Landscaping. The JMS in his companies’ names was in homage to his first entrepreneurial endeavor: Jay’s Mowing Service (JMS).

Jay continued to grow JMS Landscaping, hiring staff and serving clients throughout DC, MD, and VA. In 2018, after graduating high school, Jay sold JMS Landscaping to another local contractor and left to attend college at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. In March 2020, when he was sent home in response to Covid-19, Jay founded JMS Firewood which grew to sell firewood and cooking wood coast to coast. In 2022, Jay graduated from W&L with a BA in economics and continued to grow JMS Firewood before selling it to focus solely on Monster Organics in 2023.

Garrett Jones

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Garrett is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Monster Organics. He began his career at 14 in the landscape supply business for Fairfax, VA based Remington Mulch Company, of which his father is vice president. As only a teenager, his first responsibilities included clean up and odd jobs around their various yards throughout Northern Virginia. During the ensuing 12 years, his responsibilities continued to grow. After graduating from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech) with a BS in management and marketing, he joined Remington Mulch Company’s management.

During his tenure at Remington Mulch Company, he oversaw compost and mulch production, sales, equipment maintenance, and was the manager of the Dulles, VA sales yard. Following his departure from Remington Mulch, he joined Monster Organics to oversee daily operations of both collection and processing, bringing invaluable experience in large-scale composting, fleet maintenance, and logistics.

To learn more about Garrett, Jay, and the team behind Monster Organics, please click here.

Travis Erbe​

Co-Founder of Monster Waste

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